Totally Blog-Worthy :)

So yesterday we dropped O off with her grandma around 1:00. Then we ran a few errands, then the fun began. We got massages at Massage Envy. It was absolutely heavenly. Then we stopped by the new house to check some things out, then we headed to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Food was absolutely wonderful, and we had a great time. Then we wandered around the mall a bit. Window shopped. Looked around at JCPenney Home store and imagained all the fancy things we want in our new house. And then it was a wonderful night all to ourselves! I was actually able to relax more than I thought I would. I didn't even call to check on her once (probably because I knew if I did I would have wanted to go get her, or I'd just worry more). I just kept telling myself that my mother-in-law has more experience with babies than I do, and even if she is crying she's in loving arms. And turns out she was crying. Her tummy issues from the carrots hadn't yet resolved. So she was up almost all night. Poor girl. Grandma said she slept from 6-9! Yikes. But she's sleeping peacefully now, and I think we'll be okay. So, I called my mom and told her the test was successful and we'll leave Olivia for 4 days with her. I am scared out of my mind just saying that. But it really was so important for mine and Aaron's relationship, to have that time just the two of us. Totally rejuvinating. So to ease my guilt I keep telling myself that really it's for Olivia's own good. So now the countdown to our trip begins! Woohoo!

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