I just love Sundays. So wonderful to relax and enjoy time with family and eat yummy food that I don't have to cook :) Today we got to go to a baby blessing. Aaron's cousin Dusty who lives in Texas blessed his little boy, Dallas today. Yes, Dallas, from Texas. I think that's so cute. We had some good laughs about their next child's name, Dusty said they were thinking maybe "Apache Junction", or if it's a girl "Queen Creek". LOL Anyway... it was nice. I also took some cute pictures of Olivia this morning.

She actually figured out how to sit up, pretty much over night! Yesterday she could barely sit up for more than 10 seconds and then today she was just sitting for as long as we'd let her. It was fun.
She looks incredibly long in this picture... I think it's just the angle.

This one is my favorite. I just love the hat and the smile... so stinkin cute.And this expression just cracks me up.

Also, I think this was most likely our last Sunday in our ward. I am going to miss everyone there so much! Since our new ward is at 9:00, sometimes I day dream about going to both and just pretending that we never moved. But I'm sure our new ward will be great. And it will be fun because Aaron's brother is moving into our condo, so the Opie's are moving, but the Opie's are moving in. Try not to get too confused!


lrbodine said...

I'm still in denial that everyone is moving out! Although I was happy to find out some new Opie's will replace you (it still won't be the same but I'll take it). I'm excited for your new adventure and with some family still in the ward - I hope we'll still see you around!

Sarah W. said...

Just DON'T be a stranger! I certainly am going to miss you! When you get settled, my boys and I want to come see you (Every time I look at your blog, Zach gets really upset that you are moving) I'm bummed I missed your last Sunday! keep in touch!

Hadley Family Clan! said...

Olivia is darling and I loved her dress on Sunday with her adorable bonnet. I am totally going to miss you. I am excited that you are getting a home, but so sad that we wont be in the same ward anymore. I love the new look of your blog and thankful for blogging so that way we can still keep in touch:)