Happy 3 Years

So today's our 3 year anniversary. We will celebrate this Friday by leaving Olivia with my Mother-in-law, and we'll enjoy some time just the two of us for the first time in 150 days, or so! But to make matters even more exciting... WE GOT A HOUSE!! Our realtor called today to tell us the bank accepted our offer. It still feels weird, like too good to be true, I guess. Here's a pic of the front of the house:

Cute, huh? I am so super excited to have a yard! And a pool! And a kitchen big enough that me and my husband can both fit it in at the same time! And a garage! It's all so overwhelming. We close August 29th or something like that. I have no idea how all this works from here. But I am very excited.

Oh and it's also exciting that we've made it three whole years already. I joked with Aaron this morning saying, "And what do we have to show for it?" Well lets see... what do we have to show for it?

Just about a dozen trips to New Jersey, and NYC.

Even more trips to Disneyland and Cali.

New aquired skills like my piano playing... :)

A Nintendo Wii

2 DS's

An awesome snowglobe collection!

Memories of the best times of my life... like Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, Saguaro Lake trips, Navuoo trips, every day moments that would take me forever to type out...

and of course...
The queen of drool herself... :)

Love you honey


Emily said...

A house! Congratulations!

One BIG HAPPY Family said...

YAY for the house! Where is it? Staying in the ward or moving out? Give me the scoop! Congrats on EVERYTHING!

lrbodine said...

Congrats all around on the house and the anniversary!

So more details on the house - where is it? I have a feeling you are going to be leaving us in the ward (since everyone seems to). But you'll have to have some playgroup pool parties at your house it sounds like (and invite me!). :)

Hadley Family Clan! said...

I am so excited for your family to have a home!!! I am thrilled but sad that you wont be in the ward anymore. Oh my goodness you wont be in Young Womens anymore either, but I am so happy that you will have more space and a pool is such a bonus too. Where is it located girl? Congrats on your Anniversary.

Sarah W. said...

Holy Smokes Girl! That is Awesome about the anniversary and the house! Just like everyone else I want to know where it is? Are you leaving us? If you are, you really DON'T have to sign those papers... you couls just stay...

Christina MC said...

Happy 3rd and on getting a house-so exciting. If you have a housewarming party, invite us and we'll bring something BBQ from our Memphis trip.

Kate said...


You definitely have the cutest and sweetest baby ever (and no matter what poppy says, she doesn't have the Idyk nose, he thinks we all have it)! We miss her in Jersey! And in a few years, Tommy, Aunt Kathy, Uncle Jerry, and I will turn her into a yankees fan (sorry Aaron).

Love you all,