Just a quick update

So not much is new in our little Opie World. Olivia is loving her rice cereal. I'm still trying to be consistent about the times that I feed her. I usually just feed her when she seems hungry. So right now she definitely gets rice cereal around 11, and again around 4. Trying to find a third time where I can be consistent with it. She still wakes up at 2:00am to eat. I tried to not nurse her at this time, and just give her back her paci and pat her back to sleep. Not so successful. If I nurse her, she falls right back to sleep. So for now I'll stick with that. She also wakes up again about 5 to eat, and then sleeps for a couple more hours til 7:30. I'm not sure if I should worry about weaning from the night feeding yet. We have earned an all expense paid trip to Lake of the Ozarks. We will be gone from Sept 3 - 7 (I think, something like that anyway, first Thursday to first Sunday). It would be reeeally nice to leave Olivia with my mom, and enjoy a few days of just me and my hubby. My mom's willing, but of course I worry. When I think about it though all my fears are pretty irrational, except that my milk might dry up?? I will plan on pumping as much as possible while we're gone to maintain my supply, but I'm not sure how well that will work. So we're going to do a trial run this Friday. Aaron's mom agreed to take Olivia for the night. I will try not to have a panic attack while we're apart.

In other news.... we have an offer on an awesome house. Hopefully we hear back tomorrow! Well that's about all the excitingness I can handle for now.


lrbodine said...

I wouldn't worry about weaning from the night feeding yet. I know Ellie was a great night sleeper but I let her set her own schedule with dropping the night feeding.

And I think you're brave to leave Olivia for the night! Ellie is almost 18 months and I still haven't been away from her for a night. Then again we haven't really had the time or money to take our own vacation yet anyway! One day. :)

Sarah W. said...

This house you found is close, right? Don't tell me you might be leaving me soon! Exciting... but so not cool! Tee Hee!