First "Words"

Okay, first of all sorry if I offended anyone with my Twilight rant. But I had to get it out somewhere. :)

Second of all... two days ago Olivia was just laying there on a blanket on the ground and Aaron and I were talking on the couch, and she just said, "Da-da! Da-da-da-da-DAAaaaa" and she hasn't stopped since. It's funny because spend a lot of time telling her, "Saaay mama!" or "Saaaay dada!" and then she just did it all unproked. Of course she has no clue what she's saying... or does she? It's funny this morning A went into her room and she started saying it.

More in Olivia news... I think I got overconfident with the baby food, and started to move too fast for my poor baby's tummy. I was giving her rice cereal three times a day... twice a day with carrots. And then she seemed to be doing great with that, so I gave her just carrots at lunch time. Anyway, basically she got constipated, and a hurting tummy. And cried from 7-10 last night when she finally fell asleep. So I guess I'll ease up, and go back to just the cereal for a while longer.

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