I'm lucky to have lots of great dads in my life.

First of all, my dad... He is such an excited grandpa. It has been so fun to see him with Olivia. He plays with her, bathes her, brushes her hair, takes her ice skating even when she had only been walking for like a year. He's kinda crazy like that. He also works incredibly hard. Something I didn't appreciate as a kid. He does construction and can build anything, seriously. Like a life size jack-in-the-box for my sister for a haunted house thing she was doing. Anyway I could say a lot about my dad, but my brain is all mushy and I'm not sure what I'm saying anymore, but he is a great grandpa and my kids are lucky to have him. I know they'll grow up with lots of fun memories.

Then there's my grandpa, affectionately known as "Poppy" to almost all who know him. He served his country first in the Navy, but when that proved to be "boring" he joined the Marines. He fought in the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir. He still suffers from the frostbite he got there. They were going to amputate his feet, but they day they were supposed to the color started to come back. Did you know a mule will work and work until it is too tired. Then it will stop, and there is nothing you can do to get that mule to work again, until it has rested. Which is different than its cousin the horse because a horse will work and work until it dies from a heart attack. I'm afraid my Poppy is like the horse. Last year he was out in freezing temperatures shoveling snow like a mad man. He worked so hard he collapsed his lung. This led to his fist doctor visit in years. Which also led to him quitting smoking, which he had done for over 50 years. Cold turkey. He has always been like a machine. On family vacations to Washington DC he would lead us around, and we were all trying to keep up with him. He is a teacher. Not formally, but he has taught me so much. From making the perfect gravy, to shooting hoops. I also remember him telling me about his experience in the Marines. How he learned to push himself. When he felt like he couldn't walk one more step, and they made him go 10 more miles. I think of that often, when I feel like I can't do anymore, I imagine Poppy, and I keep going. He gardens. He is in the minority of conservatives in NJ. He is a man of values and integrity. And he cooks the best sloppy joes. Forreal they're awesome.

Then there's my husband. Oh how I love this man. He is the best father. As I type he is bathing the girls. He never leaves for work without hugs and kisses for all his girls. He tries his best to stay close to the Spirit, and follows its promptings. He comforts me, and supports me. He is always first to say "I'm sorry". We've been married for almost 5 years, and he's never been asked to sleep on the couch. My biggest and only complaint is the amount of Diet Coke he consumes on a daily basis (seriously, it can't be healthy). But if that's all I can complain about I think we're doing alright. I don't remember the last time a day went by and he didn't tell me I was beautiful. He takes our girls on dates. He sets limits and sticks to them. I'm so glad to be raising children with him.

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