Olivia has been turning into a little girl. She loves to play with her Barbie's. She got hooked on Spongebob while we were in NJ. While we were shopping she saw a pair of shoes and squealed out loud, "OoOOh! Those are SO CUTE!" When her dad was trying on pants and he came out of the fitting room she told him, "Daddy you look so pretty." As I type, she's giving a bath to her robot, and telling it to close its eyes so no soap gets in it. She has the best imagination.

Abigail is 7 months now. She started a new trick of pulling herself up in her crib. This has been detrimental to nap times. I used to let her cry for few a minutes then she'd fall right to sleep... now she pulls herself up and screams until someone rescues her. Aaron lowered it, that seems to be helping for now. She's crawling everywhere. She's pretty much the cutest. How can you argue with this?

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Christine said...

Lauren - your girls are so cute!! I can't believe how big they are getting. It's almost time for another. ;)