This Girl

Gives me a run for my money daily. I feel like this is her blog, I write about her so much. But I really never knew how much a 2 year old could wear me out. Especially one who looks so sweet and innocent. But be not fooled. If her blueberries (or whatever it is) are not on the right plate expect tears. If her sister touches... anything... expect yelling. If I tell her to do something 8 times out of 10 she'll tell me no. If it's close to nap time and she's told no, or something doesn't go as she wanted, there will be ear piercing screams. Tantrums daily. Currently she's climbing on my head. The other day I was reading an email not really paying attention to what she was doing to my head... and I ended up with a can opener stuck in my hair. All I can say is thank goodness for Dora. And this netflix instant watch thing. I'm in love with it.

Oh and her sister is teething. That last post about her still not having any teeth... was a lie. A few hours after I hit publish, her first tooth cut through. The other one is not far behind. She's miserable and lets me know it hourly.

But then at night when they're asleep in their beds and I peek in and check on them, and see the cute way they fell asleep... I remember this is all I've ever wanted.

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