This is how I found Olivia asleep last night. Reading the Encyclopedia. With her Barbie's.

So this is the flower from her sister's head... she put it around her waist.... This just cracked me up {bad pun intended}. It's impossible to keep clothes on "nature girl", but accessories, that's a different story.
Olivia wanted in Abigail's crib, and was feeding her this apple juice bottle. I thought it was a cute moment.
No caption needed for this cuteness...
This is her, "Save me from my sister" face. Notice she's still our toothless wonder. I'm pretty sure Olivia had 4 teeth by now. But I love that gummy smile, I'm in no hurry.
I just looked at this picture of Abigail zoomed in, and I have no clue what that is on her forehead. I thought it was some kind of reflection... but when its zoomed in, I think it's some chewed up paper, or who knows what.

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Liz said...

Ok, pic #2 slightly alarmed me because I thought it was a pair of underwear at first. OI. The world we live in. And then I couldn't stop cracking up that it was a headband. I sure will miss seeing your cute girls (and you) every once in awhile when you move!!