"Mommy I Puked!"

Last night, and about every night this week Abigail has been waking up at 4:00am. She cries until she sees mine or Aaron's face. Literally we just walk in, make sure she's alright and walk out. And then she's fine. But for some reason getting out of bed at that hour does something to my brain, and I literally can NOT fall back to sleep. So last night was a bit worse. She cried more than usual. I held her a bit, but ended up just laying her down because really that's all she wants. So I put her in her crib and I went back to bed and watched the clock for 2 hours. Finally at 6:00am I started to doze off. At 6:25 I had Olivia in my face asking for breakfast. All day long I have been waiting for bedtime. Sleeeep. Oh sleep. But once the kids are in bed, I need to unwind a bit. Watch a show, cuddle with hubby. Finally ready to sleep around 9:30. At 9:32 I hear, "Moommmmyyy I puked. Mommmmyyy..." Aaron and I get to work cleaning up her and her room. He is amazing and handled all the pukiness of her bed. I cleaned her. Babied her with some medicine, crackers, and flat soda. She has no fever. I have no idea what it is. She seems absolutely fine, besides the fact that everything that was possibly in her stomach is now in our washing machine. She is now back asleep in her bed. And I'm left with my head racing. Is she really sick? Are we going to spend all day tomorrow puking? Is she going to puke again the moment I fall asleep? Is Abigail going to get it? Maybe it was just something she ate. I think it was just something she ate, since she's been acting fine. She did poop a lot today. And Abigail is so constipated. I have no idea what's wrong with her little tummy, but it's really bad. My life revolves around disgusting body functions. I should take them to the doctor. Are those her little feet I hear running over my head, or the people who live next door? I hope it's next door.

I don't have a mommy stomach. I literally couldn't even come close to the puke. I started gagging. I'm so grateful for Aaron. Like seriously... I don't know how single moms do it. Or any mom that doesn't have a hubby there and willing. I just imagined for a moment I was alone. I'd have to leave Olivia somewhere while I cleaned her room, and I definitely would have puked myself cleaning that mess. And she probably would have cried a lot without someone holding her. And Abigail probably would have been crying. And I'm sure I would have been crying. Yeah. I'm grateful for Aaron.

Meanwhile today I watched a Disney special thing about Disney cruises. Tonight I reeeally hope I dream I'm on a disney cruise.

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