Life with three kids. How's the adjustment going? The above picture does a pretty good job of summing up my emotions. I kid, but really as I was uploading these pictures I realized I have no pictures of Abigail. Cue mommy guilt. She is going to have "Middle Child Syndrome" and it's going to be all my fault!

But I need to tell the story of the first two pictures. This is the result of what happens when I try to sneak away for 10 quiet minutes. Any mom of young children know there really is no such thing as 10 quiet minutes. In fact 5 quiet minutes should alarm you. But no, I selfishly cleaned the playroom and gabbed away on the phone with my best friend. As I returned upstairs I literally couldn't believe what I was seeing. Is that an empty water bottle on the floor? Did they really open a water bottle and dump it out. Oh no... they didn't just dump out ONE water bottle... they emptied about 36! All over the living room, entry way, and stairs. The carpet was soaked. They knew they were in trouble so they didn't even fight going to their room. And I went to mine to get Aaron, so I could crack up. As in laugh my head off. Yes, that is how I deal with these situations. I find the humor. Which is good for staying sane, but not so much for discipline. You definitely don't want your kids going around thinking it's funny to waste things like bottled water. So I sent Aaron in to deal with them while I tried to keep my laughter out of their earshot. They cleaned it all up, and it hasn't been spoken of since. However, I will randomly crack up laughing every time I think about it.  I mean it's just so ridiculous! What could possibly go through children's heads when they do things like this? Olivia clearly knew she was going to get in trouble - and yet it didn't stop her. And really, it was wrong. But could have been much, much worse. I know I would not have been laughing if it was the cans of soda they decided to play this game with. Or if they dumped the water on the laptop, camera or other non-water friendly items that were around.

The next picture is of Olivia sledding. We have a fun little hill right outside our door. Liv had a blast sledding down it. Then the next day it melted, and we splashed in the mud puddles. And now two days later, it is like a blizzard out there, and I'm sure our pile will be back by morning. The weather has been crazy this winter. And I love that we have had some random warm days to help us stay sane.

I think Nathan's expressions clearly sum up life around here. In a "what the heck is going on" and a simple "waaaahhhhhhh!" kind of way. He is a great little baby though. He likes to be rocked to sleep. He eats every 4 hours on the dot. (Or watch out.) And he is very, very loved by his big sisters. The funniest thing to me is when he is crying and Abigail will go up to him and say, "Don't cry Baby Boy - watch this." And then she makes a funny face by sticking her fingers in her mouth and sticking out her tongue.

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Staci said...

so cute i have a picture of the water bottles but it was in the kitchen and they were making a moat for the castle good times love bein a mom:)