That mini heart attack when your baby sleeps for longer than 5 hours for the first time.

The panic gripping your chest as you tiptoe to where he sleeps and try to assess if he's breathing, without waking him up.

The wave of relief wash over you as he takes a sudden deep, noisy breath.

The clarity of mind you have throughout the day after getting 6 solid hours of sleep for the first time in months.

Oh the emotions of having a 5 week old around.


Tom and Juli said...

Oh man, you explained that perfectly! Glad you got a little more sleep than usual last night!

Geevz said...

Seriously. I'm watching a friend's kid these days and am having terrible flashbacks. But now they include the fear that I've let it happen to someone else's kid.

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness, I'm glad I'm not the only mother who does this!! So glad to hear you got some sleep, though!