My favorite hobby

I love to read what google searches people did to find my blog. It always gives me a little chuckle. One that keeps popping up is, "just pee in your diaper".

This leaves me wondering, is just one person searching for this over and over again? Or is this a common thing to google? And I have said it before to my children, but I don't remember ever blogging about. Perhaps I did. Person googling this, did you find what you were looking for?

One that popped this week, "Is Opie a scrabble word?". Hm.. Is opie a scrabble word? Good question. *googling the question myself* No, no it is not. But I can see how this brought my blog up. We love us some scrabble around here. And we're Opies. But after googling this myself, the first seven sites that come up answer your question. Why would you click on the blog to answer this question?? Sorry for disappointing you by not having the answer to your question, but hope you enjoyed my funny stories.

Another common search that brings people to my blog, "mommy I puked". I just don't even know what to say. Sorry to the poor person dealing with that right now.

And finally to the person (people) who find my blog by searching "our little opie family" 508 times last year... the address is wonderfullifoflaurenopie.blogspot.com  How complicated is that!? ... Very I know. I've struggled with wanting to change the title of this blog pretty much since its inception. Suggestions??

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Geevz said...

Rock climbing and grey and yellow nursery are what bring people to mine. Ya never know.