Proud wife.

Last night my darling husband was honored at a banquet, along with about 20 other students. They were all inducted into Rho Chi, which is basically pharmacy's super cool smart kid club. He is in the top % of his class - I don't remember the %, 10? 15? Something like that. Anyway sitting there with him last night was fun, but so meaningful to me. I know my husband is great. But I know his greatness alone could not have gotten us to where we are. As his dean addressed us, I felt a whisper telling me how aware the Lord is of us. The year Aaron applied to LECOM was the hardest year to date for him to get accepted. It was ranked the 4th most competitive pharmacy program in the country that year, based on the fact that 1,800 students and applied and less than 150 were accepted. When I think of that whole process - from the time Aaron felt like pharmacy school was the next path he wanted to take - to where we are now - I know we have not done it alone. Aaron worked full time. He did two years worth of science classes in one crazy year. He took the PCAT with only a few weeks of science classes behind him - and he freaking nailed it! Anyway, I'm bragging on him a lot right now - but really it was made very clear to me that we aren't doing it alone. That we were guided here, and have been blessed all along the way.

So as decisions come up as to where to go next, and we begin to worry about where or if he'll get a job - I just have to laugh. Would the same Power that led us here, and sustained and blessed us here abandon us now? Of course not. On this Sabbath day, I am feeling full of hope and faith about the future. Whatever and wherever it will bring us.

(This is including getting me through the next few winter months with all my babies!)


lrbodine said...

Thanks for sharing your experience! It's amazing how we really are led to the right path when we choose to listen and follow promptings. And I'm sure Aaron will land a great job when it's all over. Colorado is a great place - just saying! :)

alliopie said...

I agree - thanks for sharing. It is true - you were definitely led here. I have to remind myself of that sometimes - and as we think about moving forward remember the same thing - if he led us here, he isn't going to abandon us now. Thanks for sharing. :)