Three kids

Somehow having three kids makes me feel like I have a hundred kids. I don't know how this one little person exponentially upped my workload, but he did. It's probably compounded by just not being home. We are loving the time with friends and family and the sunshine... but missing daddy like crazy.

Like crazy, crazy. The sunshine feels wonderful, but my husband's arms would feel 1000x better. Wah wah wah.

Olivia loves her little brother. SO MUCH. Abigail's warming up to him. She basically ignores him, or tortures him... And my 2 seconds to update this blog are up. Such is life these days.


Rebecca said...

You're not crazy. There is something about the number 3 that makes things so much harder. Someone told me once that it gets easier once you have the 4th kid, but I never got that far to try it out. You could always ask someone. With so many families of 8 kids around you, I'm sure it has to get easier. LOL

alliopie said...

lol hang in there! Being in your own home with your normal routine will definitely help!

Geevz said...

You in my neck of the woods? I'm not enjoying the sunshine as much as resenting that I STILL don't feel comfortable in jeans because it is too hot.

Staci said...

o man i didnt know you were out there alone wow sorry it is nice when you are home good luck:)

see ya soon

Jessica Newman said...

#3 was a hard one for me -suddenly I went from out going fun mom to shut-in witch that wears her pj's 24-7 lol! but now my baby's a year old and things are MUCH MUCH better so just hold on!

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