So the day was looking good when it was 7:20am and the kids were still in their rooms. I'm not sure they were asleep at this point, but they hadn't woken me up so that was a plus. But the moment was overshadowed by the fact that I now had 20 minutes to get both kids dressed and face the snow to drive Aaron to school so I could have the car for Jazzercise. And my nose was clogged. And my throat hurt. And then the moment I touched Olivia I knew we weren't going anywhere today. She was burning up. So I had to call and cancel Jazzercise which I HATE doing so much. But it wasn't too big of a deal.

So we stayed in our PJ's and watched pbs kids. And then Abigail wouldn't take her morning nap. And then she was really cranky. So then I gave her my phone to play with because that never ceases to bring silence. But then I couldn't find my phone. Then I found my phone.

Wedged in the depths of the recliner. And when I say wedged, I mean WEDGED. Like it would NOT budge. I was pretty ready to accept the fact that my phone was entombed in the recliner and that's where it would rest. But after about 15 minutes of different angles of pushing and pulling and wiggling, I got my phone out.

Only to see the touch screen has a huge chunk taken out. This phone relies heavily on the touchscreen and pretty much doesn't work at all without it. So I have no phone.

Oh and while I was moving the chair around to get to my phone I found a squished BLACKBERRY. Not like the phone, but the real fruit, that stains incredibly bad, blackberry. Smushed into the carpet. I have no idea how long it's been there. I'm pretty sure any attempt at removing the stain is going to be futile. But I'll try. 

And it's still snowing. A lot. So that means no mom/nanny-funness happening this weekend.

So let's recap - sick me, sick Olivia, broken phone, lots of snow, ruined carpet, and no mommy.   :( 

(Sorry mom, not trying to guilt trip you - it's bad out there, it's good you're not coming.)

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