Olivia moments to remember

Today was Abigail's turn to wake up with a fever. Awesome, right? I was telling Olivia that Abigail had a fever and we had to take good care of her today. Olivia stood up and looked at Abigail really carefully. Then she told me, "She has smoke inside her tummy. And the smoke comes up in her throat. That's why her throat is hurting. And the smoke is making her head hot."

I absolutely love the science of the little children. And can I just say for a moment that she's a freaking genius. I mean, obviously that's not how it works, but it amazes me that her two year old little mind is trying to figure stuff like this out. That sounded like a theory I probably would have come up with when I was like 10.

Later while Abigail was sleeping we went to the playroom. Olivia, all on her own, said she wants to give some of her toys away to little boys and girls who don't have anything. I was feeling all warm inside at the sweet generosity of my daughter, until she brought me the toys she wanted to donate. Her basket included:

-1 puzzle piece (when told she would have to give the whole puzzle if she wanted to give that piece she quickly changed her mind)
- one part of a McDonalds toy (the other part was "too special" to give away)
- another part of a different McDonalds toy
-one scoop of fake ice cream from this fake ice cream kit
- a nutcracker decoration she took from entry way
- and one of my bath fizzie things (she said "for kids who hab bafftubs but dont hab any bubbles for dem".)
But not the basket, that was also "too special".

And now I have to go because I was just informed that there are "two spider in the potty, and dey won't flush". Better check this out.

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Aunt Marita said...

I got the biggest laughs from Olivia's comments!!!! She is absolutely hysterical!!!!