A perfect Sunday. Woke up at 7:00am, got ready for church. Was able to sit through most of Sacrament Meeting, until Abigail hit her head and cried at the very end. Nursery was quiet. All kids were pretty happy. We got to leave last hour for Relief Society. Came home and had homemade chicken soup for lunch. Took naps. Cleaned up living room a bit. Had a yummy dinner of baked potatoes and bbq brisket. Drove around and looked at Christmas lights. Now kids are watching a movie, until bath/bedtime.  A moment to remember:

Olivia is wanting to do everything herself. She put on her own pants (inside out and backwards) and then she wanted to put on her own shoes. She had them on the wrong feet. I said, "Wow Olivia, when did you get so big, you can do all this by yourself?" And she replied, "I have to. That's because I'm a GROWN UP now."

It was just too cute to see her sitting there with her pants backwards, shoes on the wrong feet, some dinner still on her face. And she's a grown up.

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Emily Ruth said...

LOVE this.

So grown up. Of course. Get with it, Mom.