Aaron and I played Scrabble tonight. And he kicked my trash. His vocabulary is insane. I challenge almost every word he throws down.

"DIAZO?! THAT IS NOT A WORD!" And his "z" was on a triple letter tile, so I was extra angry. He looked it up. It is a word. And it's in the scrabble dictionary. Grrr... I seriously make him look up any word that's going to get him more than 30 points. And then when it's my turn he helps me find the best placement of my letters. I yell and call him names. He helps me, and tells me to calm down.

Easy for him to say when his lowest point word was worth like 15. How can I compete with that. I have a new goal in life. Forget all that virtuous woman crap, I am going to improve my Scrabble skills.

Look out Aaron, you're going down.

....and I think I may take Scrabble a little too seriously.

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Kate said...

We should have Josh play him. I have never felt dumber than when I tried to play him. Next time you're in Jersey, we'll let them play and we'll bake :)