Yeah they don't look so good. I think sufganiot is probably best left to the Hebrew experts. But we watched them being made on Sesame Street, and Olivia came to me and asked, "Mom can we make see-see- those doughnut things?"

They actually tasted amazing. I got the recipe from Martha Stewart's website. The only problem was I had the oil too hot, so the first few got kind of dark. Then I lowered the heat too much and so the last batch was kind of dough-y. But still good. All good.

We are celebrating our Jewish heritage tonight. Ya know since my cousin married someone who is Jewish, I'm pretty much orthodox.  Really we are just eating sufganiot, and singing the dreidal song. (I could just imagine my Poppy's reaction to this evening's festivities.)


Jamie said...

What a fun mom you are!

Kate said...

I asked Josh about those things and he had no idea what I was talking about. Maybe I should make him watch Sesame Street so he can learn about his religion.

Lauren said...

lol Kate it was very educational! When I was looking up the recipe I found lots of info about them. Apparently very popular in Israel, and a very popular Hanukka dessert. On the show the little Jewish boy when and picked the olives for the oil with his mom, and they pressed the oil themselves. I don't know if that's part of the custom. But seriously you guys should watch at least part of the Sesame Street special because it was hilarious. And educational! I consider getting to watch Sesame Street every day one of the perks of being a mom.