My kids have been waking up no later than 6:00am. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Today was actually 6:00am. Most days it's been somewhere around 5:30. They seem to go through these random spurts where they like to torture me like this. I need to start going to be earlier. I haven't been getting more than 5 hours of sleep, and that makes me grumpy. And they're grumpy. And when we're all grumpy it's not a good combo.

Olivia has dance class today. There's like 3 feet of snow on the ground. And I'm grumpy.

My mom and nanny are supposed to be coming for a little visit. I really hope they can make it, but this weather is a bit unpredictable. But still it would be so nice to have them. And Nanny has never seen my own house. Which would be nerve wracking, but fun at the same time. Seriously my Nanny (what I call my mom's mom) irons pillow cases. She literally feels sick at the thought of leaving the house without her bed made. She can't sleep if there's stuff in the dryer. She never sits still all day long. She's 79 years old and she painted her basement stairs one day to make them look nicer. In fact, it might be better if they can't make it because seeing my house might give Nanny a heart attack. I started my cleaning attempts on Monday but it's kind of futile with Hurricane Olivia, and Tropical Storm Abigail swirling about. And let's be honest, it's a special treat if I make my bed.

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