I took the kids out in the snow the other day. It was the first time using the new baby sled. It has a little buckle, and is designed to hold one small child. So I put Abigail in. Buckled her in, and took her to the little hill on the side of our apartment. The hill is pretty wimpy. And it flattens out for a while before going to the parking lot. A very empty parking lot. In fact where it ends isn't even really parking spots, just the end of the parking lot. Can you see where this is going. So the hill is so wimpy I never could have imagined Abigail would reach like 20 mph in her little baby sled, speed down the hill, down the flat part, off the curb, into the parking lot. As soon as I saw her gaining speed I started running after her. She was seriously flying! I couldn't catch up to her. I thought about lunging my body forward and trying to grab the sled before it reached the bottom of the hill, but I could really only imagine that scenario ending badly, so I just tried to run faster. And then she went off the curb into the parking lot and I really tried to book it. I may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but I know baby in a sled in a parking lot could be seen as child endangerment or something. And then right as I was reaching full speed, and about to catch her, I slipped on a patch of ice. I think I literally flew in the air, because when I hit the ground the air was knocked out of me. Fortunately Abigail was stopped just a few feet in front of me. Olivia was standing flabbergasted at the top of hill asking, "Mommy what happened?" All of this literally happened within a minute. I just laid there on the cold ground for a minute thinking about the situation and couldn't stop laughing. I got myself up, got Abigail, and decided to go inside until Daddy got home.

I checked the 10 day forecast for Erie. There is literally not a single day without a chance of snow. I miss when the 10 day forecast showed nothing by sunshine and the occasional cloud or two.

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