Best morning in a long time

Today both girls didn't wake up until 7:30. Bliss!! They woke up when they were good and ready and what a difference that makes. They were so happy. I got up before them and started to make myself breakfast.Of course as soon as I did that they woke up. So we all made breakfast together. And then read stories. And then played hide-and-seek. And then watched The Cat In The Hat. It's only 9:00, but I feel like it's going to be a great day.

To contrast for you - normally they wake up while it's still dark. And wake me up. And so they climb into bed with me and climb all over me until I sleepily bring them downstairs and plop them in front of the tv while I slowly wake up. They watch a good hour of tv before the sun even comes up. And I feel guilty about it all day. And they're usually grumpy because they are tired.

This is just such a nice change. Plus it's MARCH. And the sun in shining. And I saw a little red robin yesterday. C'mon Spring!!



You're a good Mom. I need to play more with my kids!! I want to see some recent pics of you Laren!!

Geevz said...

I just sit and let jaela cry some mornings hoping she'll go back to sleep. She doesn't. And then I feel a little bad. Then I ask john to bring her to me because I really don't want to get up :)