Some things I need to get off my chest.

Some nights I "clean up" dinner by putting away anything perishable that was left out, and leave a sink full of dirty dishes. And I don't even wipe down the table or anything until the next morning. (What is the alive form of "rolling over in your grave"?  That's what Nanny would do if she ever saw how I left my kitchen tonight.)

Aaron and I purchased a funky looking copper pot type thing at Goodwill because it was cool looking and $4. It has all these weird pieces and a hole in the top... we have no clue what it is. Neither did the people at Goodwill. But we now have it sitting on our kitchen table. (I like to imagine bringing it somewhere to find out what it is and have them tell me it's rare, valuable ancient kitchen device that's worth like $10,000.)

I am addicted to taking pregnancy tests. My cycle is so irregular that I always think I'm late. And there is just such a thrill associated with peeing on a stick.

I recently found The Office on Netflix and have watched at least 3 episodes a day since I made that discovery. (Some days more like 6... maybe even 7....)

And I'm afraid I invited too many/didn't invite enough people to Olivia's birthday. I don't like anyone to feel left out. And then I didn't really know what to limit to. Quite a few people confirmed today they are coming. I have never thrown a 3 year old birthday party before and blogs like this make me totally insane and think I can't do enough. I wish I had unlimited fundage and a party planner. But then I remember she's THREE and it doesn't really matter. But it still matters. For me. It is all about me, right?

I think everything is about me. (Okay not really but it seemed like a good way to end this post.)


Geevz said...

So I'm pretty sure we may just have to be best friends if we ever live in the same city. Are you ok with that?

I have a teeny tiny problem when it comes to series on netflix. As in they only last me a week.

I too buy strange looking things at goodwill. Sometimes just to start conversations when people come over.

I also want to throw elaborate birthday parties. Until I remember that no one really cares how cute it looked the next day. But I still want to be that person that has a gorgeous looking spread with matching cupcake toppers and party favors.

p.s. you're kids make me laugh and I haven't even met them yet.

Geevz said...

alright, I just read the link about the candyland party. I almost threw up. OVERBOARD!!! I will steal the candyland theme, the construction paper path, and maybe some tissue paper candy. But a photoshoot? All of those frames and chalk boards? How many kinds of candy do you need? Catered BBQ? That gumdrop wreath. Dude.

Who are these people??

Lauren said...

Isn't it insane??? And that's just ONE example. Possibly not even the most extreme. Another had life size wooden cutouts of everything in Candyland, and had a toddler size real life Candyland game. That ended in a candy castle. Full of so many types of candy. It is insane. I'm glad I have Aaron keeping my in check. And I'm totally okay with being best friends in we ever live in the same town! I always wanted a Goodwill shopping partner.

Laura said...

Next year I'll be your party planner!!! Too late now for this year lol.

Kimberly said...

I confess that I buy a british tv series every year when it comes out. They only have 6 to 10 episodes a season, so it lasts me one day. That's what I did on President's Day, I sat on my couch and watched the entire season, 8 hours, just that!

I always invite everyone to parties, I don't want anyone to feel left out, but I have a huge pet peeve of people that don't RSVP. Really, how hard is it to tell me you are or are not coming. So I always plan for way too many people and have way too much food!

I don't clean at all, I hired a cleaning lady. Now that I've been working so hard, it is my reward in life, I don't have to spend a Saturday cleaning my house! I can have some fun!

Lesson for you to learn here, we all have our confessions to make, you are not unique! You are the same as the rest of us! Give yourself a break! Enjoy these years with your girls, they grow up way to fast!