Kodak Gallery

So if you have a Kodak Gallery account I think you can view these photos.


Otherwise, sorry. They are the only pictures I have of Olivia's birthday party. I totally slacked with charging my camera. My mom reminded me later I should have gotten a picture with all the kids. I totally should have. I'm kicking myself now. Oh well.

Right now Aaron is out with the kids - scratch that - Aaron just returned with the kids. Wow that went way too fast! He took the kids to the store and I guess I spent too much of my free time on facebook and loading the dishwasher. Because times up already.

It's been a good week. I can't really remember too many details but it's been good. Well time to make the donuts... or the dinner in this case...

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Aunt Marita said...

I have a kodak gallery account but unfortunatley was unable to see any of the pictures. Let me know if there's another way to view them. The only one we could see was the cake. It looks awesome but would love to see the rest. Nan is here and would love to see them too!
Aunt Marita