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So I signed up for swagbucks probably two months ago. I'm not very hardcore about it. But I do use it every day. So far I've "won" $10 in Amazon gift cards.

I thought I'd do a little post about Swagbucks... and if any of you lovely readers wanted to sign up, well by all means feel free to use this link. http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/MesaMommy

So swagbucks is a search engine. It's not that great of a search engine for complex things like, "Why does my 16 month old keep making dinosaur noises?". But it works great for searching for any website you frequent. What I do is, before any website I go to, I first go to swagbucks and then type in "facebook" or whatever website I want to go to. Then I click the link from swagbucks and it takes me to my page.

I have found I usually win once in the morning and then again in the afternoon, and possibly again in the evening. I've never won more than 3 times in one day.

When I first signed up I tried doing surveys, and all that other stuff. But mostly I just do the search. Sometimes I will just search for nonsense in a hope to get swagbucks. Ya know in my free time.

There are also Swag codes. I have never gotten bucks from those. They are usually hidden in some random websites and takes too much time for too little bucks. There are also videos you can watch for 2 sb. And there games you can play that randomly award sb. There are also a lot of offer things - like if you buy a groupon, but do it through swagbucks you can earn a lot that way. I've also never done that.

And then there is the referral program. I have no clue how it works since I have no referrals. Well I have 2, but I haven't earned any swagbucks from them. My understanding is if you use that link to sign up, I earn points for every point you earn.

So I guess this wasn't really very informative about Swagbucks, and more of just a plea for you to sign up. My plan is to save up Amazon gift cards all year and then use it to pay for Christmas presents. Good idea, huh? Maybe you want to do it too?

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Ashley said...

I've totally been thinking about doing a post just like this on my blog!

I have the blog in my reader feed so I can check for codes, but they expire fast so I've learned to check the SB blog first.

Another thing I did was set up an account for my husband with me as a referral. And since he's a guy, sometimes he actually qualifies for surveys.

Do you do the NOSO and Daily Polls? Those and just checking for surveys give you 4 bucks a day. All I do is what you do ("search" for Facebook, AllRecipes.com, whatever) and check the blog for codes (I get about half of em because I don't do them if it takes more than a minute) and the daily stuff and I earn a $5 about every month on the dot.

Also, when I hear on my coupon blog about some fantastic Groupon, LivingSocial, whatever deal that I want (like $50 Gap Card for $25 or 3 Netflix for $1), I wait it out because it never fails that Swagbucks offers a sweet package with it.

I'm not sure how long they can keep it up, but I'll totally do it as long as they do!