We interrupt this blog....

Every blog post I have started this week has been interrupted. It is frustrating. I started a post about Olivia's birthday party and then for the first time all day Aaron wanted to have a real conversation. (Not frustrating, glad he wanted to chat... just why during my blogging time?! I think I may have overreacted and he'll probably never initiate a conversation with me ever again.) Then I couldn't get back into my blogging vibe. I started this post about the Ides of March and Julius Caesar and all this smart sounding (not really) Shakespeare talk and my children keep interrupting. Apparently Sesame Street is only captivating if I'm sitting on the couch watching it with them.

Right now I am letting them eat snow cones with fruits snacks buried inside them. With music playing. And a bubble machine blowing bubbles. And I've still been interrupted 5 times while writing THIS post.

Some day I will let you all know about the party and the ides of March. Maybe in about 15 years.

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