Twice in one day!

This entire day was just so nice. I want to make a schedule to make more days go like today. I did a bunch of things with my kids rather than tried to distract them so I could do something else. Usually I find I get frustrated with them and them with me, when I am trying to do something else and distract them with other things. Today I tried not to worry about doing other things. I did do quite a bit of laundry, so I still feel accomplished, but when I was with my kids I was engaging them in different activities? Is it terrible that this a new concept for me? 

My favorite thing we did today was put on this CD that my mother-in-law gave Aaron for Father's Day last year. It's songs he used to listen to on a tape as a kid. They are such fun songs. Anyway we danced for almost 20 minutes straight. We had a blast.

Then we bundled up and went for a walk outside. That lasted 30 minutes until they both fell into a huge puddle of melted snow. Which was actually 20 minutes longer than I thought it would last.

Abigail took a 3 hour nap. Olivia watched a movie for "quiet time" in the playroom while I folded laundry upstairs and watched The Office on Netflix. Which just dawned on me that while we live with my grandmother for 6 weeks this summer we will not have internet. AAHHH! No Netflix. No blogging. I am going to diiiiiiiiiiiieeeeee. I know I will probably spend a lot of time at my mom's and can use her internet but it's not the same. I love blogging laying on my couch. Have I mentioned that already, blog? For about 6 weeks this summer we'll be living with Nanny. Aaron has an internship thingy at a hospital by their house. Nanny boot camp, it will be. I plan on learning all I can from her during that time. Maybe some of her extreme non laziness will rub off on me. I am actually so so SO excited for this summer. 6 weeks at the Jersey Shore. Oh boy. It will be great. I can not wait. srsly.

Anyway so yeah. Today was awesome. I feel the winter blues lifting. And I learned an important lesson - my kids are really great when I'm not trying to ignore them. 

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Jamie said...

I didn't know you guys were leaving for 6 weeks!