Maybe I'm doing better than I thought...

(Please ignore my ever-changing banner... I'm working on it.)

I think I am probably the most patient mother. Even to a fault. I let my kids get away with way too much. It's something I'm constantly trying to be better at. Kids need boundaries, right? Usually my boundaries are - as long as you're not hurting someone you're fine. Climb on the couch, sure. Playdough in the living room, why not? I'm way too relaxed about these things. So today I asked Olivia and Abigail to clean up their room. This is the first time I've ever really made Olivia do a big job like that, so you can imagine my surprise when they hopped right to it. I was straightening up my room, and I took a break and stood in their doorway to check on them. Abigail was behind Olivia undoing everything she did. And then laughed her head off. Olivia turned to her and said,

"Abigail! Stop it! If we don't clean this room right MOM IS GOING TO KILL US!"


Liz said...

HAHAHAHA! She is such a big sister! I can remember saying stuff like that... except we were a little older and it went more like, " CRAP! Mom and Dad are going to be home in half an hour! QUICK! Clean up ALL evidence of the spaghetti food fight!"

Aimee said...

That girl is hilarious. I really think you'll have enough material to publish a book by the time she's 5!