So I'm really not feeling well. I don't have a fever - I don't think - but my throat hurts, my nose is a bit congested, and I just feel WIPED out. No fun. I hate feeling like this, because I don't feel like I'm really sick, and I should just suck it up and do what needs to be done. But all I want to do is lay on the couch all day and let my kids run a muck. And deal with it when I feel better. The kids woke up before 6:00am today. That doesn't help. So Abigail is getting a rare morning nap. Olivia is watching SuperWhy and I'm debating going to a birthday lunch for a friend. I really wish I was sick enough to not feel guilty for feeling like this.

We have been really busy lately. Olivia's birthday party was a blast. We are so grateful for everyone who came. And she definitely got more than spoiled with all of her gifts. We've been having a lot of fun playing with everything.

Yesterday we had fun for St. Patrick's Day. I made green eggs and ham for breakfast. We made a leprechaun trap. And went to a luncheon/play date thingy. It was a lot of fun. The girls were actually really pretty good. I define good by how much the cooperate when I tell them it's time to leave. They were good. And then Olivia could not stop hurting herself all afternoon. Anyone remember that scene in Little Giants when the little kid shows up and his mom has him duct taped in this foam body armor? Yeah, that was seeming like a really good idea after about the third bout of crying. She tripped and fell and cut her lip on the step up into our apartment. She bit her nails too low and made it bleed twice. She cut the side of her finger when writing with sidewalk chalk. She burned herself on the roasting pan minutes after I took it out of the oven. And who knows what else. There were a few more random things in there. Then this morning she walked into the coffee table and started to cry that she hurt her leg. I am honestly contemplating making her sit on the couch on all day. 

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