A friend posted a quote on my Facebook Wall. “A two-year old is kind of like having a blender, but you don't have a top for it.” - Jerry Seinfeld.

She then asked for me to "please tell her it wasn't true lol". I know this friend is a faithful reader of my blog, so it made me realize I must not post nearly enough about the messes I deal with every day. This post is for you, Laura ;)

Today the kids were taking a bath and having a "tea party" while I sat and played with them. Our laundry room is right outside the bathroom so while they were happily playing I decided to switch out the laundry. I came back into the room and the entire roll of toilet paper was in pieces in the bathtub. Have you ever tried getting little bits of sopping wet toilet paper off two toddlers? That was nothing compared to the tub. It was like a Papier-mâché nightmare. 

While I was cleaning that Olivia was dumping her cup of orange juice into her bowl of pretzels, creating a sticky, salty bowl of messiness.

While we were eating lunch Abigail reached a tube of acrylic paint I didn't realize I had left on the kitchen table. She bit into it. And white acrylic paint was every where.

Yesterday Olivia and Abigail filled up bags with clothes and socks. Then brought them downstairs and made "the biggest mess ever!". That was Olivia's intention. To create the biggest mess ever. She also got to learn how to clean the biggest mess ever. (Fortunately putting clothes back has become one of the easiest messes I deal with every day.)

As I type this Olivia is spreading out all the cards for Candyland all over the living room. I should stop her, but I'm enjoying blogging time too much.

We made playdough two days ago. I am still finding it in random places throughout the house. Not to mention the mess that was created while we made it.

Two days ago Abigail got a box of angel hair pasta out of the spinny cupboard that's impossible to baby proof. She dumped the entire box onto the floor. Not in one place. Scattered about through the kitchen and living room. And stomped on it. Tiny pieces of dry angel hair pasta is about as annoying to clean up as easter grass.

Yesterday while I was getting Olivia dressed in her room, Abigail found her way into the bathroom. She had a little toy bucket she put into the toilet. She got toilet water all over the bathroom.

.........and I think I'll stop there. Because as I write each of these I realize what I could have done to prevent almost all of them. I think that's why I never post things like this. The truth I really don't mind messes. We have fun, and messes can always be cleaned up.

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