Every day we wake up eat breakfast, watch some PBS Kids, occasionally we have to drive Aaron to school and we go to dance class or Jazzercise. We play some games in the playroom. We eat lunch. We take naps. Well the kids take naps and/or have mandatory "quiet time". I clean or watch Monk on Netflix. And then we try to pass the time until dinner time. Then we watch another show, give kids baths and put them to bed. Then Aaron studies while I waste hours on the computer or watching TV.

I feel like life could not be more boring lately! I am trying to be grateful for the boringness. It is calm. Days keep passing quietly. My kids keep growing. I mean, obviously, right? But last night Olivia had a bad dream and I went into her room to comfort her. I rocked her in the same chair I rocked her in almost three years ago. I laid her in her "big girl bed" and covered her with her comforter. And I remembered all the nights I would stay in her room until she was asleep. Patting her back over her crib, counting in my head, waiting until she was asleep enough for me to sneak away. Literally I spent hours putting her to bed each night. Pat/shushing until my back was killing me. I thoughts those nights would never end. And now they're gone. And as I thought about that I cried. She's growing up. I know everyone, literally everyone, says they grow up so fast. But when you're in the middle of it - when the days are dragging like they are now - it doesn't seem to go fast at all. But when you look at your baby and she's this entire little person and not so much of a baby anymore, you really wonder where the time goes.


lrbodine said...

I'm trying to enjoy all the "boring" days. I know as soon as the kids start school that the boring days are over!

melmck said...

i was justing thinking about that exact same thing! Gracie is her own woman these days. i miss her squishy baby-ness. my depression always kept me from enjoying her when i could, which i really hate thinking about.