Olivia the misfit angel

Olivia didn't want to wear the cute store brought costume that her grandmother got for her. So she ended up with the one I made in a bout 10 minutes by cutting up a pillowcase. So this picture is kind of cute, but use your imagination to picture how she looked by the end of the night.  When all the angels came out, Olivia's halo had fallen around her neck, the garland from her wings had come unglued and she was trying to hold it, the garland around the edge was also slightly undone and dragging on the ground, and the neck hole I cut was a little too big and hanging to one side so she had one shoulder exposed (think early 90's late 80's fashion). Christy leaned over to me and joked she was the misfit angel. I laughed so hard. Her actions went along with the look. She was just kind of running around and dancing. Which is all I expected really. I will never forget Olivia the misfit angel.

The Opie Nativity is one of my favorite holiday traditions and I was so glad we were able to be there for it. This is a picture of the chaos. Grandpa Opie reads the Christmas story from the scriptures, and we sing some hymns between verses. The younger kids act out different parts. Then we do a gift exchange. Each person has one other person. So you get one gift, you give one gift type of thing. And then Santa comes. I don't know why I can't find the pictures of Santa. But it was lots of fun.

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Christina said...

I too will always remember Olivia, the misfit angel. That was so funny!!