I am going to lose weight this year. I just have to. If I get brave enough I will post the horrifying picture of me ever taken. It has become my ultimate motivation. I can kind of laugh about it, because I have to, or else I would cry.

I am going to limit my computer time to 1 hour a day.

I think if I can do these 2 things I will be a better person this time next year.  I am excited to see what this year will bring. Another year of Pharmacy school. Olivia turning 3, and Abigail turning 2. It's crazy to think about. I'm sure there will be many trips to NJ. Possibly another trip to AZ. Nothing else planned as of right now. But I'm excited for 2011.

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Liz said...

I'm trying to limit my computer time... especially since I sit at computer ALL DAY at work... why should I sit on one all night at home??? Augh. It is pure craziness.