That Olivia

"Once there was a lady who wanted to get a fish. Every time she tried to grab one, it got away. One day she got one! And she pushed it. And her fishing pole, she rolled it, and rolled it and rolled it, and rolled it, and she got it! And she brought it home. And it was a baby fish for her baby. And her tried to get another fish but the lady didn't got another one. Then she had yummy dessert."

Olivia has been playing imaginary games all day. I typed this story as she was saying/acting it. I wish I had done this earlier when she was pretending to be a fairy and reading her fairy scriptures because the fairy king died. And then turned into a monster. And the scriptures said to give him a sour apple. (Her "scriptures" were a copy of Twilight).

And she's been making up sweet songs. And saying she's going to school, but don't worry she'll be back in "5 minutes".

She also lectured me today for drinking all of her water. "Mom, you just have to ask me first. You can't just take it. You have to ask, and I will say yes. You can't just drink it all gone. If you are thirsty just ask for one sip."

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