too much to catch up on

AZ was good. Disneyland was crazy. Two weeks, and three time zones later, we are home. The jet lag might kill us before the week is over. We are not going anywhere for a while. If I never see a plane again it will be too soon.

We drove from Disneyland to Phoenix yesterday. Took us about 6 hours. We got home around 8. Put kids right to bed. Then we had to unload the car, do laundry, repack, go through the house and find random things we've left around. Get to bed around 11 (okay I went to bed around 9, while Aaron did most of that stuff, as I wasn't feeling quite right). Wake up at 3:45am. Finish packing. Say a prayer of thanks for good friends like Christy for waking up at 3:45am on New Year's Day to drive us to the airport at 4:00am. Expect to arrive to an empty at airport. I mean who travels at 6:00am on New Years Day? Apparently a lot of people. Security was the longest we have waited in a long time. We arrived at our gate just as we were boarding. Then we got to spend 3 hours on a plane with two cranky toddlers. Then arrive in Cleveland, run to our connecting flight, toting a double stroller, giant bag of toys, backpack of electronics, little backpack of snacks, diaper bag, and a duffel bag full of clothes that didn't fit in suitcases. Then we fly on the smallest jet to Erie. Where we are met with lost luggage. But that's okay because of more good friends like Stuart and Jamie. Who not only found time in their busy Saturday to pick us up from the airport, but picked us up in our car that they cleaned and repaired for us while we are gone. Seriously! My husband has good cousins.

I have lots of New Years Resolutions. Write more about those later. Unpacking the mountains of clothes and toys before the end of January is on the top of the list.

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Aunt Marita said...

So glad you're all back safe and sound!!!! Wishing you, Aaron, Olivia, and Abigail a very Happy and Healthy New Year!!!