poison pizza

So I'm tired. Really tired. And I'm laying in bed. The kids are watching a show downstairs. Eating raisins. I hear, "Here little birdy! Here birdy!" Over and over again. I thought to myself, "How cute, Olivia is pretending Abigail is a little bird. And feeding her. That's cute." I finally get out of bed... I was honestly probably only laying there for maybe 10 minutes. I come downstairs and raisins are EVERYWHERE! Apparently Abigail wasn't a very hungry birdy. We pick up the entire box of raisins and put them back in the container because I'm that kind of mom.

Then I have a basket of freshly clean, folded laundry. While I  turn my back Abigail empties the entire contents of the basket. We pick it all up, and put it away.

While I'm putting away clothes in Abigail's dresser, Abigail is emptying the clothes from Olivia's.

She refuses to sit in her highchair. She climbs out and stands on her tray. To give me heart palpitations, I'm sure of it. Aaron even tied her into it with the tie right off his neck. And she climbed out, to stand on her tray.

Abigail's vocabulary consists of grunts and pointing, mama, dada, uh-oh, eeese (please), a dog-like pant, and now an evil laughter. She got that from Olivia tonight when Olivia said in her mean witch voice, "I'm making a magical pizza. It will make you go to sleep... FOREVER!! Mwuahahhaha!" She really has her evil laugh down. And then Abigail copied it. Perfectly. It was straight from a cartoon. The little villain and her mute little sidekick who doesn't really know what's going on but laughs evilly anyway.

Should I be worried my 2 year old is pretending to poison me with pizza? She certainly knows my weakness.

Sorry this post is pretty random. This day was pretty random. Sometimes I just like to remember these random moments.


Liz said...

HA! Poison pizza... pretty soon she'll be chanting, "I'll get you, my pretty..." (Has she seen the Wizard of Oz?) in a perfect, witchy voice. She's going places, that one... :)

tina.ari said...

love it!! And I love your random posts! I think that is why I like your blog so much :)

My son told me last night, "Mom, I don't think we really need a dishwasher or a sink...we can just let Coco (our dog) lick all the plates clean!" And stuff like that makes me wonder what he tells his teacher or friends at school...because sometimes I do let the dog lick my plate...but I promise that it goes in the dishwasher, though!!

Anyway, what I originally wanted to say was that my son was like Abigail. He could climb out of the high chair even when he was strapped in, he managed to get out of the car seat straps one day (and I pulled them tight!!) and was standing up looking out the window (almost gave me a coronary while I was driving down the road). When he was crawling, he would get stuck behind the couch. He would empty the dresser drawers and climb in them...the list is endless. Maybe they are the next Houdini's??

Lauren said...

lol thank Tina!! I'm glad you enjoy my randomness :) And I bet they are the next Houdini's. Glad I'm not alone!