So this is the new year

Let's sum up 2010, shall we?

 January started with a sick Olivia. And a trip to NJ. It was everyone's first time meeting Abigail. And Olivia got a crayon stuck up her nose. That Aaron sucked out with his lungs of steel. That still makes me laugh.

February - Abigail's first trip to Disneyland at 3 months old. Aaron was always gone at school or work.

March - Aaron flew to PA to interview at LECOM. We went to Mexico. Threw a surprise party for my mother-in-law's 50th birthday. Olivia turned 2.

April - Made the decision to move to PA. Olivia got her finger crushed in a door at Chic-Fil-A. She still brings it up whenever we got to a fast food restaurant.

May - We went to Mexico and NJ. Olivia was the flower girl in my cousins wedding.

June - Swim lessons every day. Kids saw their first movie - Toy Story 3.

July - Cabin trip, double dates, Aaron turns 27, and move to PA by way of trip to NJ. For me. Aaron drives cross country with his mom.

August - Def worst month of the year. Started with strep throat as soon as Aaron started school. We didn't have insurance yet. I felt lonely and sick. And then Poppy died. Pretty rough month. Somewhere in there though Aaron and I celebrated 5 years of marriage.

Sept - Abigail took her first steps.

Oct - Another trip to NJ and NYC. I turned 26.

Nov - Abigail turns 1. Thanksgiving in NJ. Olivia starts dance.

Dec - Trip to AZ and Disneyland.

Looking at all this I decided we travel way too much. We are definitely not going anywhere for a while. But it has been a good year. I think the stress of this year can be measured in my weight gain. About 20lbs. About those new years resolutions...

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