7:00am - "MOMMY!! MOMMMYYY!!!"
       "Can you go get her and bring her to bed with me if Abigail isn't up yet?" I nudge my still sleeping husband, attempting to give myself 10 more minutes in bed.
        "Uhh...huh..." He groans and rolls over and lays there until..
       He gets up and returns with both toddlers.
7:30am - We've gone through 3 different breakfast options and settled on yogurt and raisins.
7:45am - Sitting on recliner, I pick up Olivia who is whining to sit with me. Somehow she scratches her leg on an exposed piece of upholstery. It's pretty bad. Much crying, wailing, and gnashing of teeth commence. Much cajoling, hot chocolate offering, kisses and bandaids are given.
 Meanwhile, Abigail is making a mess of her yogurt. Snow is piling up outside. Aaron is getting ready for school. After I finish bandaging Olivia I clean up Abigail. I strip of her jammies, and end up leaving her in a diaper because I plan on taking her in the shower with me later. Aaron leaves for school. I realize I never asked him to help me find my phone. I look around upstairs, and downstairs. No luck. I start to clean up the mess of breakfast. Aaron returns home from school.
          "Oh yay! Did you realize we never found my phone?" I ask.
          Aaron laughs and unzips his jacket. He had put his jacket on to warm up the car while his shirt was in the dryer. Then he forgot to get his shirt from the dryer. And left for school in pants, jacket and an undershirt. While he grabbed his shirt I used his phone to call mine. Followed the ringing up to the girls' room. Found my phone shoved in a random backpack of Olivia's. Ahh peace of mind, I have my phone.
         What was that about peace of mind? Or is it piece of mind? I run down the rest of the stairs, and indeed Abigail had gotten her diaper off and pooped on the floor. Clean Abigail, leave her in kitchen sink, while I scrub poop stains from the carpet.
8:19am - "MOM! WATER IS GETTING EVERYWHERE!" I run into the kitchen and water is everywhere. And Abigail grabbed my phone charger and had it completely underwater. I don't know much about these things, but I'm pretty sure that's not good. Clean up water, dry my charger, get kids cleaned, dried and dressed.
8:45am- Lay Abigail down for her morning nap early. Say a prayer of gratitude that Abigail is easy going enough that she'll gladly go back to bed anytime I put her there.
This is a typical morning. I wrote all this in a notebook while it was happening because it was just too crazy. Looking back I can see how I contributed to the chaos. Making a note now - don't leave Abigail in a diaper. Don't leave Abigail in the sink. Be careful of things sticking out of chairs. I'm learning. Work in progress around here.

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